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PayProTec Ohio said they would save us 20% on our processing fees and they delivered!



PayProTec Ohio helped us find the right payment processing / POS solution for our new shop and online store.  We love the high level of service!



We recently switched our credit card processing to PayProTec Ohio and the experience has been exceptional!!! The transition was easier than I would have ever imagined and the follow up has been great. Access to their customer service is better than I’ve ever experienced with a cc processor. Huge thanks to Jeff and PayProTec Ohio.

Kim M.


We had been with two other credit card processors in the Dayton area and we never received the kind of customer service that we have had with the PayProTec Ohio team. Not only did they save us over 30% on our credit card fees they were the first company to be straight with us and take of our needs. We will never consider switching again. I highly recommend Jeff and his team at PayProTec Ohio. Not only will they save you money but they will provide top notch customer service.

David S.


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